on corporate transactions

Aboo Partners is focused on advising on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions.

Aboo Partners advises industrial companies, private equity funds, family offices, and family businesses in sales, divestments, acquisitions, investments, spin-offs, strategic alliances, partner searches, and capital rounds, offering financial and strategic advice throughout the process.


Independent of corporate transactions and in some cases simultaneously, Aboo Partners accompanies its clients in defining their strategy and helps them to implement it with the resources and capabilities of their company. Oftentimes, this advice results in serving as a Board Member at the Board of Directors or as Advisors to the Board. Aboo Partners also helps its clients with the preparation of strategic plans, business plans, market studies, and with the negotiations with suppliers and financial providers. Additionally, Aboo Partners identifies the risks the Company is or might be facing in the future and the areas to improve/reinforce in view of a potential divestiture process in the future.

Aboo Partners is involved throughout the process, advising clients in the different phases of a Corporate Transaction, including:

• Planning and Identification of Objectives and Targets.
• Analysis of the Operations and Companies involved.
• Design and Structure of the Transaction.
• Valuation Analysis.
• Drafting of Presentation Documents.
• Contact with Potential Buyers.

• Strategic Analysis of the different options.
• Leadership of Negotiations throughout the process.
• Negotiation of Preliminary and Final Offers.
• Coordination of the different Players (Lawyers, Tax Experts, Auditors, etc.)
• Coordination of the Processes (Bid calendar, Due Diligence, etc.)
• Review of Contracts (Sale and Purchase Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Senior Management Contracts, etc.)
• Coordination of the Closing.