Aboo Partners is a financial advisory firm with a special focus on corporate transactions, particularly in mergers and acquisitions, capital rounds and restructurings.

The firm also conducts consulting analysis and provides its clients with advisory services on operational, strategic and financial aspects of the company, with a significant emphasis on efficiency and cost reduction. Additionally, Aboo Partners offers its clients the possibility of leading the implementation of improvement policies designed alongside its work.
Aboo Partners is a team of top level dedicated professionals who have an extensive experience in joint work both in advisory roles and in direct company management, which provides the team with a higher depth in their analysis, closeness to business day a day and a more realistic view about what actions are feasible and how to implement them.

Aboo Partners founds its activity on long term relationships based on trust and professionalism. Its trademarks are excellence, honesty, motivation to provide best of breed quality solutions and the deep involvement of its partners alongside the process..
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